180. ONE Thing to Manage Stress & Overwhelm | Craig Ballantyne

Mar 11, 2019 | 0 comments

What happens when your actions aren’t aligned with your goals?

When we are focusing on our ONE thing, it’s not like the rest of the world stops. The emails don’t stop piling up, meeting requests don’t cease to exist, and customer fires don’t magically disappear. The deeper we go into our one thing, the more this pressure builds – and we’re often so afraid of this chaos that we use time set aside for our ONE thing to clear off some of that 80% work. It feels productive for a moment, but in reality, we’re acting out of alignment with our goals.

So what happens when real stress and real anxiety starts to build up, and how do you deal with it without taking a detour off of the road to being extraordinary? To help us answer those questions, we are joined once again by Craig Ballantyne, author of the Wall-Street Journal Bestseller Unstoppable and The Perfect Day Formula.

In this episode, you will learn…

  • [4:00] How we suffer from the paradox of freedom
  • [7:00] What catalyzes our stress and anxiety
  • [18:45] How you can get clarity on what’s most important
  • [24:00] How to take a more proactive approach to your life

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

Out of everything that you heard in this episode, what is the ONE thing that really stood out to you? And how can we take that spark of interest, that curiosity, and turn it into action?

It’s ONE thing at a time, over time, that creates results – so just pick ONE thing, and if you’re not in the middle of a 66-day challenge, start one: http://the1thing.com/66daychallenge.

Links & Tools From This Episode


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