214. Why a Team Goal Setting Retreat Brings Clarity & Alignment

Nov 4, 2019 | 0 comments

Do you think of goal setting as something you do alone?

Most of us, if we were taught how to set goals at all, were just taught tactics like using a calendar or planner. And as a result, most of us have been trying to succeed by ourselves for years. But we work in teams, we live with families, and we can all accomplish more if we acknowledge that no one succeeds alone.

So, in this episode, we want to share a little bit more about our process for preparing for the Couples Goal Setting Retreating, the best practices that we’ve developed within our organization, and what’s worked for us.

This is your last chance to sign up for the Couples Goal-Setting Retreat! Whether you attend as a couple, as business partners, as a team, or as an individual, we will have a track specific to you.

In this episode, you will learn…

-[3:00] The most common challenges that teams and organizations face when it comes to setting goals

-[6:40] The purpose of a goal

-[9:40] What goal setting should look like in organizations

-[16:00] The role of a leader in the goal-setting process

-[25:10] Why you have to be the person who comes up with your goal-setting strategies & how you can leverage the support of your team

Links & Tools From This Episode

-Join us at our Goal-Setting Retreat (Nov. 9th & 10th in Austin, TX): the1thing.com/event

-Download the FREE Kick Ass Guide® to Your Couples Goal Setting Retreat 

-We’ll help you facilitate a retreat with the Goal Setting Retreat Master Course

-Coming soon: Build Your One Day Business Plan Foundations Course

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