374. How a Habit of Meditation Can Lead to Clear Goals & Purpose with Lori Saitz of ZenRabbit

Nov 7, 2022 | 0 comments

Research shows it—meditation is one of the biggest productivity boosters out there. Just a few minutes a day can be a real game changer in your productivity. For someone who needs help focusing, determining their ideal goals or purpose, or practicing gratitude, meditation can be an incredibly helpful practice. 

Nobody knows that better than Lori Saitz. She is a meditation advocate and stress eradication coach who has experienced the benefits of meditation first hand, and she’s sharing her experience with the world. She talks about the benefits of meditation, why it really is for everyone (and the different ways to practice it), and what staying grounded can do for us in your workplace.

We talk about the benefits and effects of meditation in daily life (and especially in the workplace), the different times and ways we can meditate, and why Lori believes meditation is for everyone.

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We talk about:

  • The benefits and effects of meditation in daily life, and especially in the workplace
  • The different times and ways we can meditate
  • Why meditation is for everyone

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