384. Setting and Achieving Goals in 2023

Jan 23, 2023 | 0 comments

Do you set big goals year after year only to find yourself falling short? If you want to achieve your goals in 2023, you’re going to have to change your approach to setting goals and how you go about executing them.

Today’s podcast focuses on goal setting for 2023. We have Mark Donohue, an experienced trainer and coach, on to discuss our approach to goal setting and the things you should do to reflect, cast a vision, evaluate your vision, understand your purpose, prioritize, stay in a productive space, and form a relationship with the goal you’ve created. We’ll touch on the different tools and resources available to assist you in your journey and transform how you set and achieve your goals. 

By understanding the principles of goal setting and taking action on them, you can create an effective plan for reaching your goals in 2023. With an organized approach and the right tools and resources, you can make your dreams a reality. Start with the first step, take action, and don’t forget to measure and adjust your progress along the way. Now is the time to take control of your future and create a plan to reach your goals in 2023.

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We talk about:

  • The 3 P’s approach to goal-setting
  • Allowing your purpose to change over time
  • Using your values as a lens to decide your goals
  • Focusing on the gain and growth instead of the goal
  • The value of regular reflection toward hitting your goals

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