Focus on Dad This Father’s Day by Sharing The ONE Thing

Jun 11, 2013 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

Fathers are busy guys, who typically wear more than just the “Dad” hat. Yet every year, one of the most important recognitions they get comes on a special day just for them, Father’s Day. This year in honor of the men, who work, play, lead, create, inspire and educate us – all while maintaining Super Dad status – we want to offer up a solution to splitting time. An answer to having any regrets.

It’s called The ONE Thing, and to show you just how big the results are for Dad’s joining the revolution, here are seven first-hand accounts of the impact this book is having.

1. The first few pages of Part 2 of the book – “Unclenched” – had a major impact on me. Gary talks about getting success and then getting sick and then getting sick of success. And in response to this he says, “I got unclenched. I actually started listening to my body, slowed down, chilled out…I had breakfast with my family. I got in shape physically and spiritually and stayed there.” I NEEDED to hear this. It was a reminder that success doesn’t have to look and feel like what so many people perceive. It also gave me permission to not attempt to do so much. Playing with my son before I leave for work and being there to put him to bed at night are way more important than anything at the office. And the cool thing is, I can do this and still achieve big results, because “success is sequential not simultaneous.” As long as while I’m at the office I’m asking the clarifying question and lining up my lead domino, I can enjoy personal fulfillment and professional success.

–          Aaron Armstrong  

2. While I don’t have any previous experience being a father – I got my copy of The ONE Thing about a month after my daughter was born. So from the beginning I’ve asked myself the focusing question and it’s helped me to be a better father. It’s helped me create a routine/ritual with my daughter around bath time. I also am asking myself what I can do with the baby that will help my wife with the baby everyday… It’s made a significant impact knowing that I get to be there every night to bathe her and put her to bed. I also know that once I walk in the door the ONE thing I can do is pick the baby up and free up time for my wife.  It helps her no matter how easy or hard her day has been… By the way, the ONE Thing I can do for me – if her schedule allows it – is be the one to get my daughter out of her crib in the morning.  It’s the best way for me to be happy before leaving for the office!

–          Kevin Kauffman

3. Both with my wife and I, as well as our children, have come up with the ONE Thing that will strengthen our relationships. I spend each month, week and day lining up the dominoes to make that happen. Sometimes it’s like a trial/error experiment to find what activity makes the biggest impact. For my wife, it’s quality time. So my ONE Thing each day is a version of that. For my children, this year, is all about manufacturing wins for them to build their self-confidence. Each month includes different daily activities. I’ve learned three things: 1. I was doing what I “thought” was the right thing, i.e. date night, soccer games, etc., and they weren’t the ONE Thing that made the biggest improvement in our relationships. 2. The things I was doing previously took even more time than the things now. I was not only doing something that had less impact, but also took more hours. Wow! 3. Success shows up faster than I thought. These relationships improved more in the last five months than they did in the last five years in 1/100 of the time invested.

–          Seth Campbell

4. The book has taught me to set time aside for each one if my kids everyday.

–          Lawrence Phillips

5. My husband – father of our 2 beautiful children – has been so focused since I started my real estate business. I tell him how the week is going to be, and he does what he needs to so the kids can get picked up, or go to a birthday party, or go to their sporting event. He doesn’t cook, but always makes the effort to put “something” together or pick something up. As far as cleaning up, he doesn’t fuss. He just does it. He just seems to know how to stay on ONE Thing at a time. It drives me crazy, but it keeps us balanced. I love him and am blessed to have him in my life. How we met, or “met again”, is truly “divine intervention.” My husband is so focused he would probably summarize everything I wrote here in “1” sentence.

–          B Sofie Cirinelli

6. Now we time block family first with purpose.

–          Lisa Archer

7. I love when Gary talked about juggling and how some things can’t be put back together. It made me stop traveling so much and spend time with my family and new daughter. Best move I ever made. At the same time, I am also focused on my business and am about to have our best listing month in my career.

–          ­David Hill

This Father’s Day focus on what matters most, and let your Dad know he’s your priority by giving him The ONE Thing. Then share your stories with us here using #ONEThing.