Free Yourself this Independence Day by Going from Entrepreneurial to Purposeful

Jul 4, 2017 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

Today is Independence Day, and while most of us aren’t fighting against an extraterrestrial invasion, there are still plenty of things in our lives we’re struggling against. When it comes to business, one out of this world adversary we’re constantly fighting against is an entrepreneurial mindset.

An entrepreneurial mindset is all about doing something yourself when it needs to be done. And while this go get ‘em attitude is helpful in the short run, in the long run it holds us back.

In the end, success is about doing the right thing, not everything.

Instead of being entrepreneurial, we need to be purposeful. A purposeful mindset keeps us focused on what matters most, which in turn helps us grow to achieve our full potential. It’s all about taking hold of the Pareto Principle, which says that 20% of our activities produce 80% of our results, focusing on the activities that produce the biggest outcomes, and leveraging out all the non-essentials so we can get more out of our lives.

Here are a few things you can do to liberate yourself by going from being entrepreneurial to being purposeful.

1. Don’t Always Do What Comes Naturally

What the entrepreneur inside of us really wants is to get things done in the fastest way possible. But is our way the best way? Probably not.

This may seem hard to believe, but here’s the truth: When it comes to problem solving, doing what comes naturally isn’t always doing what’s best. Whatever our basic instincts are, it’s important to challenge them for legitimacy.

When facing a big problem, it’s important to take a step back and be thoughtful about your next course of action. Contemplate the problem, look at it from different angles, and ask yourself if there is a new and better solution. Not only does slowing everything down help us refine our focus, but it also keeps us focused on what matters most in a growing business: working smarter, not harder.

2. Purposefully Push Your Limits

Often, we set goals and end our pursuit once we achieve them. Eventually, we find ourselves bored and unenthusiastic, aimlessly looking for another mountain to climb. But by being purposeful, we never have to put any limits on what we do – the mindset constantly challenges us to do better.

Being purposeful means saying goodbye to complacency and hello to mastery.

Mastery requires continual growth. And although it’s a tougher, longer path, it will ultimately lead to a more rewarding outcome.

When committing yourself to attaining mastery in your life, it’s crucial to aim for goals that build off one another. Simply setting one goal doesn’t cut it. When we set goals in succession and map out the path ahead, we’re creating an opportunity for ourselves to do something great.

If you haven’t gone through the exercise before, try out Goal Setting to the Now. And walk backward from your desires to understand what it will take for you to attain them.

3. Continually Seek Out Leverage

Business owners are not entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur, like we’ve covered means “I” do it—the mindset of a business owner first and foremost operates under the rule of “they” do it.

4. Resist the Alien Invasion

If all else fails this Independence Day, remember, be it tackling a new business venture or defeating extraterrestrial beings, don’t set limits to what you are capable of. Recognize that in order to have  results like you’ve never experienced before, you’ll need to be open to new ideas, partnerships, and ways of doing things.

Happy Fourth of July!