Geek Out on Your ONE Thing

Jul 13, 2015 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

At one time being called a geek was an insult. But that was before geeks started changing the way we live. Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sheryl Sandberg, George Lucas – these geeks are at the top of their games and making people’s lives a little more enjoyable every day. The world is now welcoming the benefits of geekdom and celebrating it with “Embrace Your Geekness Day“.


Geek out on your One Thing

This is a great time to contemplate how you can harness the power of your own geekiness to get your ONE Thing done. At the heart of geekiness is a passion that overrides your interest in just about anything else. It’s about finding your own thing and not caring what people think. If that means forging your own path, so be it.


Your ONE Thing is inherently something that you geek out about. So why not fully embrace your geekiness? Letting your inner geek out could be the first domino in your path to success.


Be Proud of Your Passion


Embracing geekiness is about owning your passion. If you think you know your mission in life, there’s no reason to hide it. Instead, do the exact opposite, and let people know you’re all-in.


It’s the same mindset to have about your ONE Thing. Many people may not get why you’re putting so much time and energy behind it and letting things get out of balance. This shouldn’t deter you from your pursuit. Your ONE Thing isn’t the same as the next guy’s and that’s okay. It differentiates you and gives others insight into who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.


Connect With the People that Share Your Passion


Communities surrounding your interests may seem larger today, but they typically remain a tightknit. Why? Because geeks are defined by what they are passionate about. That passion creates a common bond.


An effective way to embrace your geekiness is to find people who share similar interests to you. These people will wind up being your fan base, support system and even your potential target market. Thanks to the Internet it’s easier than ever to meet and join communities of shared interest. Chat rooms, Facebook, Pintrest, Meetup – geeks are collaborating and sharing their passion more than ever. Get in there and connect with your like-minded kindred!


Consider How Your Geekiness Can Help the Common Man


Geeks are known for living outside of the box and dreaming up creative solutions. They are innovators that take their passion and turn it into something other people can appreciate.


Use those skills to consider all the different ways your ONE Thing can benefit others. Your ONE Thing will almost always extends to other people, be it your family members or thousands of customers worldwide. Geeks help the common man by using their passion in creative, powerful ways. Let you imagination run wild with where you can take your ONE Thing. Big is not bad, especially when it’s for the greater good.



Being a geek is an advantage. Accomplishing big goals requires passion that keeps you motivated and invested in what you’re working towards. Go ahead – be unapologetically geeky about your ONE Thing today.