Episode 166: How L’Occitane Brought The ONE Thing to Their Organization

Do you want to live the principles of The ONE Thing not only in your personal life, but in your organization too?

Sometimes we doubt whether we’ll get buy-in from leadership, or whether these principles can truly become part of the bigger corporate culture. It’s something a lot of us wrestle with throughout our careers.

In this episode, we share a case study of what it looks like to bring the principles of The ONE Thing into a large organization. L’Occitane is a natural beauty brand from the South of France that was started in 1976, focusing on selling skin care, body care, and fragrances. Fast forward to today and they’re in more than 90 countries and on a mission to empower women around the globe. We’re joined by Shannon Greer, L’Occitane’s Vice President of Retail in North America.

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The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

How can you be a shining example for the people you work with? How can you live at such a high standard that your results are extraordinary and people cannot help but look up and ask, “What are you doing differently?”As Shannon shared, The ONE Thing can’t be the flavor of the month if you’re truly committed to getting extraordinary results. It has to be embedded in your organization.And she suggests that the first step you can take is just sharing it with the people you work with – not forcing it down their throats – while you live the principles every day. You have to be the shining example of what you wish to see.