Episode 168: Missing Work-Life Balance? Make it ONE of Your Goals!

Are you spending too much time working in pursuit of freedom?

Gary Keller says you can be anywhere you want in the next five years… and if this is true, it really comes down to how you manage your time. We can’t work more hours in the day and have a more flexible lifestyle, so something else has to change.

In this episode, we’re sharing one of our most impactful episodes and one of our most-requested guests, Gene Rivers. After The ONE Thing Goal-Setting retreat, we realized we needed to share this story with you all again to remind you what’s possible when you truly invest your time (as opposed to spending it on emails and meetings and random tasks). Gene and his wife run nine successful businesses while still finding time to vacation four months out of the year and devote time to their family every day. He will teach you how you can get anything you want when you’re intentional with your time and willing to focus on the most important work.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

If you aren't where you want to be, or have hit a ceiling, you need accountability.Who is the mentor, coach, or consultant that you can go to for help? If you don't have someone, seek them out.Wanting to change won't make you change – someone holding you accountable to change might.