Episode 169: What Stops Entrepreneurs from Achieving Extraordinary Growth & Succeeding Through Others

Do you want to build an empire?

Everything that’s required to achieve extraordinary results and, ultimately, build an empire is surprisingly simple – but that doesn’t mean everyone is doing those things. So in this episode, we discuss some of the simple little things that most entrepreneurs are not doing, preventing them from achieving the extraordinary growth they desire.

This episode was originally recorded for an episode of Ryan Moran’s The One Percent, but we knew that some of you needed to hear this conversation as well. You can hear more from both Ryan Moran and Geoff Woods at CapCon 2019 (Jan 21-23 in Dallas), where Geoff will be a guest speaker.

Want to look smart for a great price?

Back when Gary Keller and Jay Papasan started writing The ONE Thing, they asked, “What do we stand for?” They decided that, whatever they created, the bar for quality would be exceptionally high and whoever invested in it would receive incredible value. We still have that standard in our business, and we are always looking for other companies doing the same thing. In our search, we came across Beckett Simonon, a direct-to-consumer brand changing the way premium men’s shoes, bags, and belts are offered.

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The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

Zig Ziglar says you can have everything that you want, if you help enough people get what they want first – so how you can you make your world so big that amazing talent can step inside your world and have everything they could possibly want?What if you woke up every single day, saw opportunities, and asked “Who am I missing?” That’s what it looks like to succeed through others.We’re still on a journey to master succeeding through others, and we have a lot of work to do, but the more we develop this skill, the more meaning and fulfillment we fine. These are big ideas, we know, but it all starts by going really small:So what’s the ONE thing that you’re not doing today that, if you start doing immediately, will completely transform the results you’re getting in your business? Start a 66-day challenge and turn that activity into a keystone habit. You can download your free 66-day calendar at the1thing.com/resources.