Episode 170: It’s Time for Your Goal Setting Retreat

Think back to five years ago. What did you desperately want in your life? And have you achieved those goals yet?

Gary Keller says that we can be anywhere we want in the next five years, but many of us are pretty much in the same place we were five years ago. Why is that? Because extraordinary results are only possible when you do the right things: when you have clarity about the direction that you’re going, clarity on your priorities, your calendar matches those priorities, and you act in order of priority.

With the Holidays and New Year around the corner, this is the time of year when many of us are again dreaming about the future – and this time around, we want to help you establish a relationship with your goals so that you can knock down those big dominos!

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

Fast forward to five years from now. You have everything you could possibly want in your life.Now, how did you get there? By listening to a bunch of podcast episodes or by becoming the type of person who consumes content, goes deep, and holds themself accountable to implementing it?It’s not just consuming the content – you have to back it with action. That’s why it’s time to stop just listening to podcasts, reading books, and scrolling through Facebook groups. It’s time to implement!