Episode 194: Demystifying What It Means to Live The ONE Thing | Kaelyn Loes

What does it actually mean to live The ONE Thing?

Sometimes we have an idea of what we think it means to live The ONE Thing at the highest level. We start to take action, but things aren’t quite as easy as we thought they would be. So, today, we are going to demystify what it means to live The ONE Thing.

Our guest has been living The ONE Thing at a pretty high level for over a year. She was a little skeptical when she started, but she had a powerful reason to push through – because her job was on the line. Kaelyn Loes is now responsible for content for The ONE Thing and she’s been responsible for helping to shape the strategy for how we help all of you live the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

We may not necessarily know each other, but we know that your journey has not been all rainbows and sunshine; we know that the principles of The ONE Thing are not always easy to live.But we also know how living The ONE Thing can transform lives.That’s why, today, we wanted to cut through the fog and just get some clarity. It all starts with becoming the type of person who asks the focusing question on a daily basis, blocking off time for Your ONE Thing, and learning how to protect that time.You don’t have to get creative or reinvent the wheel. Just follow the model and understand that it’s okay to fail – and we’re here to help you get back up after you stumble.You can get started by taking the free Start Using Your 411 training – and if you really want to master your 411 at a high level, check out the Get Results With Your 411 course.


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