Episode 202: Accountability Series (Part 2) – Coaching People to Their Possibilities | Gene Rivers

Does your organization have a culture of accountability?

In the last episode, Abe Shreve taught us that one of the critical mistakes that many businesses make is not creating a culture of accountability. It is a necessary part of sustainable business growth, but as many of us have experienced, it’s not an easy thing to do.

So, today, Gene Rivers is going to teach us how he created a culture of accountability with his team – and how you can coach your people to their possibilities, too!

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

After you listen to the episode, take a moment to reflect on these questions:What are you currently doing that's helping your people achieve their life goals – and what are you doing that's stopping your people from achieving their goals?Many of us want to be liked, and because of that, we avoid tough conversations that should happen with the people in our world. Are you contributing to their goals, or are you contaminating them by allowing them to remain in your world when it's not the right fit?Are you clear on what the standards for performance in your organization are? Are you bringing focus and accountability to the actions and metrics that need to be completed to achieve the goal?Finally, what is the ONE thing you can do that will allow you to show up as a better leader and coach your people to their possibilities?If you want someone to explore these questions with you, support you in implementing what is discussed in this episode, or more accountability for yourself, head over to the1thing.com/training.


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