Episode 208: Strengthening Your Family With The ONE Thing | Brock & Angie Nyborg

Where are you on the journey of TIME?

We start by treading to keep our heads above water. Then we start implementing some of the systems, followed by eventually mastering those systems. And towards the end of the journey, eventually, we will all want to turn around to empower others — especially our family.

Today, we are going to meet a couple, Brock and Angie Nyborg, who were introduced to The ONE Thing just over a year ago. We really respect that they didn’t just consume the content, but backed it with action — and in this episode, you’re going to hear how they’re life and family have changed over the past year.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

At the end of the episode, Brock says, “If you’re going to do just ONE thing, take action” — and we wholeheartedly agree.What would your life look life if, day after day after day, you just took simple action? What would your family’s life look like?So, will you be the kind of person who blocks time, gets out of their normal environment, and takes action?You can find all the free resources you need to get started at the1thing.com/resources — and when you think you’re ready for some support, we have courses, events, and communities that are ready to help at the1thing.com/training.


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