Episode 215: Why Progress Is More Important Than Perfection When Setting Goals as a Couple

Who is supporting you in achieving your goals?

A lot of us are struggling with this silently, but few of us are willing to stand up and ask for help. We hear about our friends’ successes and we see them on social media, and it creates this unrealistic expectation of what the journey forward looks like.

In this episode, we’re talking to two people who were willing to raise their hands and ask for help. Kristina Modares and Eric Mann are in a relationship, but they’re also both starting companies. So they got busy, their personal and business lives got chaotic, and they were experiencing some very real stress over the past year. But by coming together and leveraging the tools of The ONE Thing — and each other — they’re preparing to remain connected and grow together in 2020, regardless of what life throws their way.


The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

Perfect gets in the way of what’s possible — and progress is so much more important than perfection when you’re setting your goals as a couple. It’s not about planning everything perfectly right. It’s about casting a vision together, moving forward, and being able to present as a unified front against conflict.


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