Episode 216: Debt-Free Degree | Get Your Kids Through College Without Student Loans

Do you usually start your year with a financial goal?

Most people do, whether that’s saving more money, getting on a budget, or increasing their net worth. Whatever it is, though, you have to do certain things in order to be successful.

In this episode, Anthony ONeal shares the story of how he did everything he was told to do to pursue the American Dream — working hard in school to get into a good college so that he could get a good job — but then life happened. He got kicked out of school and ended up homeless, wondering if he was better off dead or alive. Today, you may know Anthony as one of the Dave Ramsey personalities or as the author of the Wall Street Journal #1 bestselling book Debt-Free Degree

Pay attention to the mindset he adopted, the strategies he used, and the choices he made — because if that worked for him, it’ll help you achieve whatever financial goal you have this year.


The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

What we love about Anthony’s story is that moment when he realized that he was pointing the finger everywhere except himself. Because this is one of the three commitments that you have to make if you want to live The ONE Thing — living the accountability cycle.So, instead of adopting a victim mindset when life happens, take the accountable path. See reality, acknowledge it, own it, put a plan in place, and start moving forward one step at a time.If you need a little vision for your life or support to help you take those first few difficult steps, check out the Goal Setting Retreat Master Course and the Living Your ONE Thing Community.


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