Episode 220: How to Use The ONE Thing in Sales

What does it look like to see The ONE Thing become part of the culture of an organization?

The answer is different depending on what your organization looks like, but there’s one place where it always makes sense — sales! When salespeople are clear on their priorities, form habits around the activities that truly drive results, get clear on what they’re saying yes to, and learn how to say no to all of their distractions, it drives the overall revenue of the business and makes everything else easier or unnecessary. 

But what does it really look like to live The ONE Thing as a salesperson? To answer that question, we sit down with Jonathan Farber, who was able to use the principles of The ONE Thing to create models and systems that have had a transformative effect on his time and his organization’s revenue.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

The #1 lie of productivity is that everything matters equally, and this principle applies in every area of our life.When we look at sales, your results aren’t going to come from focusing on every account — they come when you’re clear on the 20% that’s going to generate 80% of your results, and then you focus your efforts there first. That doesn’t mean you ignore everything else, but until Your ONE Thing is done, everything else is a distraction.How can you get more clear on what your 20% is?If you want to put some of Jonathan’s lessons into action, check out our free Start Using Your 411 training course. And if you’re looking for some more robust training, you will want to try the Get Results With Your 411 foundational course, which will also show you how to introduce the 411 to your team.And if you join the Living Your ONE Thing Community before Dec 31, 2019, you can join over 1,000 like-minded people on an exclusive member's only 66-Day Challenge®. 


 Are your priorities in your inbox?We think you know the answer to that question — NO! So why are we spending so much time in our inboxes every day? Well, if you don’t have a model and a system for managing your inbox effectively, you’ll end up treating everything like it matters equally. That’s why we’re excited to share a simple tool that will give you back time: Clean.email.If you want to take back some time so that you can invest it in Your ONE Thing, visit clean.email/ONE. 


 Do you run a small business?Small business owners wear a lot of hats. Some of those hats feel incredible to wear. However, filing taxes and running payroll... well, for most of us, they don’t feel great and they’re not our ONE thing. That’s where Gusto comes in to help you make payroll, taxes, and HR easy. So ask yourself, it time to take off some of your hats?You can get three FREE months when you run your first payroll at Gusto.com/ONE.