Episode 225: Why 66 Days Can Transform Your Year

Do you want to live a life by design?

Well, we don’t decide our future — we decide our habits and our habits decide our future. That’s why our ONE thing is providing you with the tools and resources necessary to get clarity on your goals and form habits that stick.

To this end, we’ve been working closely with the members of our Living Your ONE Thing Community to support them as they go through a 66-Day Challenge. So, instead of interviewing a bestselling author on our webinar series this month, we decided to share what’s working for them and some of the best practices that will set you up for success when you start your own 66-Day Challenge.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

What is the ONE thing in this episode that stood out to you?Pick just ONE thing, download a 66-day calendar, and start today.And if you want the additional support of a community that is going on a 66-Day Challenge with you, consider checking out Living Your ONE Thing. You can learn more at the1thing.com/habits.


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