Episode 231: Time Blocking | A New Model for Your Time

How is it that, when we all have the same amount of time, some of us achieve extraordinary things while others are simply ordinary?

Everybody knows how to set goals, but what we need to figure out is how to have a relationship with them. How do you stay in touch with the things that you said are important? It’s tough to do, but there’s a simple practice that will help you stay in contact with the things that are important.

We’ve previously talked about how to stop spending your time and start investing it. This happens when you create a model for your time, and the best model you can create for your time is time blocking. It’s so simple most people ignore it, but simplicity is how we get things done.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

The way that so many of us manage our time — opening our calendar, seeing everything that’s scheduled, and filling everything else in the time that remains — leads to an ordinary life. A life where we’re reacting. Yet, we wonder why we aren’t in control.We want better for you. We want you to have a relationship with your goals so you can better invest your time and achieve extraordinary results — and this becomes possible when you identify Your ONE Thing, you time block it, and you protect that time block.If you would like to use The ONE Thing Planner to create a time model, we still have some available at the1thing.com/amazon.


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