Episode 233: Purpose, Priority, Productivity, Extraordinary | Tricia & Daron Brouwers

I want you to imagine an iceberg. If you’re like most people, you probably imagine this big piece of ice coming out of the sea, but that’s just the tip. What we know is that the tip is just the minority or the iceberg — the majority lies beneath the surface.

What most people focus on in their life is productivity: The actions they take and the results that they get. And when we’re not getting the results that we desire, we tend to ask ourselves, “How do I change my activities?” But we can’t truly be productive if we don’t understand what our priorities are, so this leads to a vicious cycle of unproductivity and frustration.

Today, we share the incredible story of how one mom got clear on her purpose and started to line up what she did with why she did it. Tricia Brouwers is an executive with a mortgage company and a practice leader of The ONE Thing. She is also the mother of a very impressive young man who is living with autism. You are going to hear about their journey of going from a world of life that was so complex and pruning the unnecessary things back so that they could focus on what truly matters most.


The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

You have the ability — right now — to reach back and grab the hand of someone who needs it. To help them become aware of the fact that so much is possible for them if they just get outside of their own box and look at things in a different way. Who will you empower?In less than 2 weeks, we will be kicking off a brand-new 66-day challenge inside of our Living Your ONE Thing community. Having an environment that supports your goal is incredibly important. The environment can be your physical space and it can also be the people who surround. Having people who think a certain way — and push you in a certain way — is absolutely vital to shattering your ceiling of achievement and achieving extraordinary results. Go to the1thing.com/habits to learn more. LINKS & TOOLS FROM THIS EPISODE