Episode 289: How to Use Money to Live Your Purpose

You’ve heard of putting your money where your mouth is — but how do you put it where your heart is?

How would it feel to start investing your time and money in projects that feed your purpose, rather than spending all of your money on groceries and gas? Thinking big about your purpose can be the very first domino to consistently choosing the small things that make your big ONE Thing possible.

Paula Pant teaches people how to use money as a tool to align their daily habits and behaviors with the lifestyle they value most. Her own journey to financial freedom began when she realized she wanted to stop trading hours for dollars and start making a bigger impact in the world.

The ONE thing to takeaway from this episode

So much becomes possible when we purposefully invest our time and money. Both are limited resources that have a higher impact when we’re clear about how to use them. But when your habits align with what matters most, you are equipped to live a life by design. And when you say yes to what fuels and funds your purpose and no to everything else, you can accomplish big goals and live your dream life.What’s The ONE Thing you can do to make a small investment in your purpose — one day, one dollar, and one decision at a time? Start there, start small, and start today.


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