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All Things ONE: Cesar Millan

January is National Train Your Dog Month, so we wanted to give a howl to The Dog Whisperer who's taken a different spin on this ONE Thing – “I rehabilitate dogs. I train  humans.” The Work and Life of Cesar Millan Though Cesar Millan is not native born, his is a...


66 Day Challenge Complete!

The 66-Day Challenge is officially complete! Congratulations, how does it feel? Feels good, right? That shiny new habit took some work, but now it’s making life a lot easier. As we approach the New Year, goal setting becomes more of a focus. Achieving those goals...


Show Your 66-Day Strength

So, you’re taking the challenge? Why not scream it from the virtual mountain tops?! Whether you’re focused on improving your physical or spiritual health, or you’re nailing down financial or business goals, My ONE Thing goal tracker will get you there. It’s a free...