Why You Need to Go on a Goal Setting Retreat

Aug 23, 2021 | Other | 0 comments

It’s great to set personal and professional goals for ourselves. But, it’s often not as simple as we thought. After all, goal setting is about more than just arbitrarily picking a goal and achieving it. There’s work involved. And once we decide the direction we want to take, we often must climb hurdles not only to get started, but to maintain our motivation on our path to achievement. By helping in all these areas: setting goals, making bulletproof plans for attaining them, and keeping up our motivation, our upcoming goal setting retreat can set you on a path toward success.

This November, we will be meeting virtually (and in-person for our VIP guests) for a two-day goal setting retreat where we’ll help you set your goals, discover your values, and set on the path to achieving an extraordinary life. And because your goals and life don’t exist in a vacuum, we want you to work through what matters most to you with a partner. That’s right, this retreat is for two of you. Whether it’s a life partner or a business partner, the relationships in our lives can either hinder or help us. At our retreat, we create a place where you’ll help one other. The Goal Setting Retreat allows you to sit down with the people who are most important to you and set goals with them about what matters most to each of you. You’ll be able to look at your individual values and work through any differences that arise. Getting on the same page in this way is essential. After all, when we can communicate our core values to those close to us, we’re better able to work through how to pursue our goals in ways that align with our values.

By attending our retreat, you’ll get a front row seat to learning what’s possible in your life. Maybe you’ve heard the term “thinking big” before and know that how big you think directly influences how much you can achieve, but aren’t sure how to apply the concept to your own situation. We’ll show you how thinking big is like a muscle. The more you use that muscle – and apply it to your own life – the stronger it will become. We like to think of the Goal Setting Retreat and those of us here at The ONE Thing as your workout and personal trainers, respectively. When you put yourself in an environment for the weekend where you can dedicate your time and attention to the task at hand, the gains you’ll make in your life are undeniable. And as your personal goal trainers, we’ll help show you what’s possible for bringing your goals to life.

Committing to attend a retreat can feel a little nerve-wracking. We get it. It can feel intimidating to make an appointment to work on bettering yourself. But even if you may feel uncomfortable in the given moment, the clarity you’ll receive from it can change your life’s trajectory. When we get clear on what we want each year, five years, and even longer down the road, it allows us to look back on all we’ve experienced and all we’ve accomplished. We can see this sequential success and look toward where it’s taking us.

Don’t let this great opportunity to get hands-on guidance in getting your goals aligned with your life. Once you experience this event, we’re convinced you’ll want to make it an annual ritual. Early bird pricing expires at midnight on August 31 so don’t wait to join the retreat!