3 Powerful Steps to Dive Deeper Into The ONE Thing in 2022

Jan 5, 2022 | Other, Purpose, The ONE Thing | 0 comments

The path to mastery is lifelong. We set goals because we know what we want to accomplish, but their real impact is to make us stronger and wiser in the process. As Gary Keller says, the purpose of a goal is not to achieve it, but to be appropriate in the moment.

When we start a new year, we often get so caught up in the goals we want to set that we forget to invest in our knowledge. Basics like time blocking, paying attention to our Core Values, or even setting measurable goals can get tossed aside as our ambitions take over. If we’re not careful, we set ourselves up for failure by building an unsteady foundation. 

If you want to be successful this year, it’s critical that you devote time to expanding your knowledge of The ONE Thing and its principles. There is always room to dive deeper, and you can do it in a few simple but powerful steps.

Reread The ONE Thing

Whether you just read the book for the first time or have read it every year since it was published, put time in your calendar this month to reread it. Pay attention to the Big Ideas at the end of each chapter and take notes on how those lessons apply to your life and work. What areas of life are your priority? Do you know how to counterbalance? 

Time Block for Our Podcast

The ONE Thing Podcast is one of our oldest and strongest banks of information for living your ONE Thing. Your goals this year might include building a client base for your company or becoming a more patient and attentive parent, and you’ll find advice for both of those things and more. Our long list of expert guests and team members share their experiences with the specific challenges of prioritizing, goal setting, and living in line with your Core Values, and their stories will help you answer the hard questions about your ONE Thing. 

Join Our New Jumpstart Course

Even with so many helpful materials to choose from, there’s nothing that will expand your knowledge base faster than a live course guided by experts from our team. We’re hosting a new 2-day Jumpstart Workshop on January 27th and 28th to help you:

  • Dive deep into the principles of The ONE Thing and how to apply them in your life.
  • Discover your Core Values and how to leverage them to make better decisions.
  • Learn what it means to have a healthy, positive relationship with your goals.
  • Identify the next habit you want to form in order to achieve your goals.
  • Understand “The Lies of Productivity” and the key strategies you’ll need to overcome them.

In a year like this where so many of us are starting new journeys and looking to make huge changes in our personal and professional lives, we need to know more than the basics of The ONE Thing if we want to become the kind of people we were meant to be.

To recap: reread the book, listen to the podcast, and sign up for the Jumpstart Workshop on  January 27th and 28th, to deepen your knowledge of The ONE Thing. Together, we’ll achieve extraordinary results in 2022.