Webinar with Shawn Stevenson

Mar 22, 2016 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments


Waking up the morning after a bad night of sleep is something no one enjoys, but for some of us, it’s such a regular occurrence that we learn to make peace with it and consider it to be a “fact of life”. And why not? There’s no amount of lost sleep that can’t be made up with a strong pot of coffee, hot shower, and sizzling bacon, right? Well, the truth is a little more unforgiving than we’d like to believe. Nothing we do during the day—apart from actually sleeping—can fully counteract the effects of losing sleep in the middle of the night.

So how can we take command of our sleep? That will be the subject of this month’s webinar with ONE Thing co-author Jay Papasan and special guest Shawn Stevenson, author of the bestselling book Sleep Smarter and curator of the hit podcast The Model Health Show.

If you’re familiar with The ONE Thing and our blog, then you understand by now that sleeping is the first domino for taking control of our physical health. It affects every part of our lives, and in any health routine, getting on a regular schedule of good, solid shut-eye pays dividends in both the short term and long term. And everything we do leading up to the moment we shut our eyes affects the quality and consistency of our sleep.

Tune in this Thursday at 4:00 EST to reign in some tools and techniques that you can leverage in your life to help you take control of your sleep. Just as a reminder, our live webinars hold a limited capacity, so we urge those wishing to attend to click here and register ahead of time to reserve your spot!