Why You Shouldn’t Go to Work Today, And What You Should Do Instead

Nov 30, 2017 | Family, Health & Happiness, The ONE Thing | 0 comments

The sun is up, the birds are chirping and it’s time for you to get ready for another work day. But you’re still sleepy, you’re feeling overwhelmed, and you can’t seem to shake the fog in your head. Let’s face it: work sucks – all of your energy, that is. Sometimes the best way to fill your tank back up is to do ONE Thing: play hooky.

Productivity relies on a willpower, but our willpower and energy are limited and are depleted over time. If we got to work with no willpower, we’re likely to do more harm than good. Instead of wasting a day at work, spend some time getting reenergized.

While there are plenty of different things we can do to replenish our stores in small ways, sometimes the only real cure for what ails us is to take a break. If you’re starting to feel like you’ve hit a wall, here are different ways you can use a mental health day to help reinvigorate you.

Go to a Museum

Just because you’re playing hooky doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two. Museums aren’t just fun places to take kids for field trips, they can be both exciting and interesting. Nourish your creative side by taking a trip to the local modern art museum, or satisfy your curiosity itch at the science or history museum.

In fact, recent studies have shown that visiting museums actually improves both individual and community health and well-being. So the next time you take a day off, don’t just lounge on your sofa binge watching shows on Netflix – go take in a Picasso or learn about dinosaurs.

Get Moving

There have been a number of links between overall health and physical activity. While it may be tempting to sleep in and hang around the house on a mental day off, going outside or doing something physical could actually be hugely restorative both physiologically and physically. You don’t have to do anything intense, it can be as simple as throwing the ball with the dog or going for a walk in your local park. For the more adventurous, try finding something fun to do around town like visit a ropes course or rock climbing center. By doing something exciting and new you can guarantee that both your mind and your body will be engaged.

Take a Tour

Living with a city is like living with a loved one: we get so used to them that, if we aren’t careful, we can stop giving them the attention they deserve. Take a minute to stop and appreciate the awesome place where you live.

If you’re in a larger city, sign up for something fun like a bike tour or a pub crawl. Ask your friends and family about their favorite places to grab brunch or go shopping. A change of scenery can be a good way to snap out of the doldrums and feel inspired, but when you can’t change where you’re at – find something new where you are.

Go to a Spa

Stress is bad for all of us, and another great way to help alleviate the anxiety we’re feeling is by having a relaxing spa day. Sitting at a desk all day trying to type up a report on a deadline can wreak havoc on the body. If you’re feeling run down, tired, sore, and overworked a spa day could be just right for you. Spas offer a number of treatments that can be beneficial, from massages that reduce inflammation to lowering stress via essential oils. Booking a chair massage or facial could be a quick way to improve your mood and feel replenished.

Curl Up and Relax

Despite what we said earlier, sometimes it’s okay to just take a day, curl up and relax. Take a mini staycation in your own house or apartment. Put your cellphone on do not disturb, grab some popcorn and watch a movie or read a book. Getting out can be fun, but sometimes all you need is a day just for yourself. Alone time is an essential part of our mental health and, especially around the holidays, getting a moment or two can be a challenge. So take a day, stay inside, sleep in, and stay in your pajamas.

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