5 Fitness Podcasts We Can’t Stop Listening To

Sep 13, 2016 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

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As you may recall from previous posts, we’re big fans of productivity podcasts. If there’s one topic that’s covered more extensively than how to be more productive, it’s how to be more fit.

In The ONE Thing, we talk about how physical health is one of the most important areas of life, because without good health it’s hard to be your best at anything else. Some days it may seem difficult to find the time (and motivation) to make your fitness a priority. On those days, use our wellness guide to spur you on and tune in to one of the fitness podcasts below to remind yourself why your health has to come first.

The Model Health Show

We started listening to The Model Health Show long before Jay Papasan was a featured guest. Our team appreciates that it’s one of the most informative and straightforward podcasts in the fitness industry.

The Model Health Show is the brainchild of nutrition and fitness expert Shawn Stevenson. His specialty is fitness advice for overcoming poor health, illness and disease. Shawn himself battled degenerative disc disease for years as a young adult. He’s now sharing what he learned while overcoming the disease and providing insight on the latest health discoveries.

TEDTalks Health

The latest breakthroughs and advancements are the main topic of discussion during the TEDTalks Health podcast. Leading experts, doctors and researchers sit down to tell listeners how their scientific work can improve fitness and health.

Millions of people are already fans of the filmed TED Talks, and the podcast is every bit as interesting. It includes compilations on particular topics as well as short snippets of information. Tune in to be the first to know about the next big thing in fitness and the science behind it.

The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast is in the regular rotation of many overachievers. It’s become one of the most popular health podcasts ever created thanks to A-list guests that share their stories of success. In every episode, Rich Roll, the host and ultra-marathoner, builds the show around the concept of finding your “ultra” that puts you on a healthy path.

Half Size Me

When you’re trying to stay fit and lose weight it helps to have someone there who understands what you’re going through. Half Size Me host Heather Robinson lost an amazing 170 pounds on her own over the course of five years. She’s living proof that you can do it, but it’s going to take focus and dedication.

Heather shares her secrets and busts fitness myths by keeping everything down to earth. She interviews everyday people who’ve accomplished extraordinary fitness goals along with tips on how listeners can do the same.

Live Fit Podcast

The Live Fit Podcast is an all-around excellent fitness podcast. It covers a wide variety of topics, looking at health and wellness from a holistic viewpoint. The goal is to help listeners take control of their health in a way that can be managed for life.

Fitness veteran Glenn Johnson could easily fill every show with his own wisdom, but he brings in some of the most respected health experts to join the discussion. It’s a great podcast for anyone whoneeds a nudge to start living a healthier lifestyle

Honorable Mentions

NPR Fitness & Nutrition Podcasts – NPR is a frontrunner in groundbreaking radio programs, and their podcasts are no exception. A number of fitness, nutrition and medical podcasts provide insights into the latest news and information.

40+ Fitness Podcast – Let’s face it. Staying fit as we get older comes with unique challenges. This podcast addresses those challenges and how to get past them.

Radio Headspace–At this moment in time, there are more distractions competing for our attention than at any other point in history. So it’s no wonder why the stress level of the average American continues to rise. The need for mental fitness is at an all-time high. Radio Headspace recently ended, but there are 69 episodes that help you get to a more mentally fit state of mind.

What’s your favorite fitness podcast? Share your top picks with us on Facebook or in the comments section below.