Here’s a Method That’s Helping Top Performer’s Crush Their Week

Sep 8, 2016 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments


4 weeks, 1 month, 1 year—that’s the foundation of the 4-1-1 goal planning method. It’s a highly effective way to put your intentions onto paper and then turn them into actions. In fact, Keller Williams’ top performers are known to knock down dominoes using this productivity method. If you’re ready to turn your to-do list into a success list download the 4-1-1 worksheet and let’s get started!

Using 4-1-1 Successfully

Achieving your ONE Thing requires careful goal setting and priority planning. The 4-1-1 worksheet serves as a template for tracking short-term tasks that get you closer to your long-term goals. The concept is simple, but executing the 4-1-1 successfully takes focus.

  • Start by identifying your annual goals. You can choose to list solely business goals or personal goals – or both. Refer to the GPS template for greater guidance for mapping out your annual goals.
  • Next, work backward to determine what monthly milestones you must hit in order to get closer to achieving your annual goals.
  • Finally, decide what needs to be accomplished each week to meet your monthly targets.

To keep things manageable, don’t turn the 4-1-1 into a to-do list. Instead, only list the activities that are relevant to reaching your ultimate annual goals.

Answer the Focusing Question

Taking a top down approach allows you to answer the focusing question: “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” The answer will reveal what should be done for the week to stay on track toward hitting monthly goals.

Holding Yourself Accountable

The 4-1-1 is designed to be reexamined and updated on a regular basis. Adding a weekly accountability meeting to your time blocking calendar is an essential part of the 4-1-1 method. It can only be effective if you build on the progress from one week to the next.

Find someone you can count on at the office to act as your accountability partner. This is the person you’ll schedule your weekly meetings with and use as a sounding board for deciding what to focus on in the weeks ahead.

Planning for the Week Ahead With 4-1-1

The 4-1-1 worksheet should be reviewed and adjusted weekly so you know how to move forward in the coming week. During the accountability meeting consider:

  • What was done during the current week.
  • Circumstances that may have changed.
  • Any conflicts that have to be worked around in the upcoming week.
  • Whether the monthly milestone has already been met.

All of these things, plus any number of curve balls, can affect your 4-1-1 planning. Since the 4-1-1 worksheet is a living document it allows you the flexibility to adapt quickly and keep moving forward.

Putting Employees on a Productive Path with 4-1-1 Planning

Sharing the 4-1-1 planning method with employees fits naturally into the work week. Managers can help employees understand the concepts behind a 4-1-1 and get them started with their first worksheet to get the ball rolling. For the sake of efficiency, it may be best to hold a learning lunch where everyone can become familiar with utilizing a 4-1-1 together.

At the end of the week, have a 15-minute review of the 4-1-1 worksheet with each employee and make decisions together for the coming week. This will give you an opportunity to get valuable face time with everyone. The employees will benefit because they’ll feel like the company is invested in their success, and you’ll benefit by having a vehicle for keeping everyone focused.

Turn ONE Thing intentions into action with the 4-1-1 worksheet!