An Anniversary Special…From Us!

Apr 29, 2016 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

TOT_3rdAnniversary_Web_banners_160427_Facebook_403X403This April is the third anniversary of the publication of The ONE Thing. And like other notable events in history, we like to celebrate by giving gifts to mark the important milestone!

To celebrate three wonderful years shared with you, our dear reader, we are offering you a special. That’s right, no need to send the typical third anniversary gifts of leather, cave molded cheese, crystal or glass our way. To thank you for years of dedication, loyalty and equal sharing of the housework, we want to do something special for you!

We want to help you take our relationship to the next level by giving you, your clients, and peers a better way to interact with the book. For a limited time, when you order a ten-pack of The ONE Thing, we’ll give you a ten-pack of bookmarks highlighted with our favorite concepts. By using The ONE Thing Bookmark as a handy guide to some of the most important topics, you’ll know what we’re thinking before we even say it – true relationship bliss.

Click here to give the gift of The ONE Thing and get the new ONE Thing Bookmark to use and share!