120. How this 10-Year-Old Plans to Get to Broadway Living The ONE Thing | Nicole & Cooper Hefferman

Feb 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Do you talk to the people you care about, especially if you’re a parent, about what their goals are and how they can achieve them?   In episode 117, we heard the story of Holli and Cade McCray, a mother and son who started living The ONE Thing together. In this episode, we’re talking to another mother-and-son duo: Nicole and Cooper Hefferman.   Cooper is now living his ONE thing, using principles from the book to create a plan and, ultimately, get to Broadway in the next year – and it all started when Nicole picked up a copy of The ONE Thing in an airport and started asking her son more questions about his goals.  

The ONE Thing to Implement From This Episode:

For you to be productive, you have to have clarity on your priorities. And for you to have clarity on your priorities, you need to have an understanding of what your purpose is. Conversations like these help us realize that what we do is founded in purpose.   When you take action, you are impacting other people, and you can shine a light on what is possible.   So who is ONE person that you can empower to start a journey towards mastering their time?  

In this episode you will learn…

  • [4:10] Why The Domino Effect is an effective tool for clarifying your vision.
  • [6:50] How you can help your children get clarity on their goals & act more purposefully.
  • [20:00] What stops most people from making progress towards their goal (and how you can overcome that).
  • [22:30] How enlisting support can help you get clarity on Your ONE Thing (and amplify accountability).
  • [34:40] How you can introduce The ONE Thing to your children.  


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