241. Using The ONE Thing to Lead in a Crisis

May 4, 2020 | 0 comments

It should be obvious by now: This is not business as usual. This is business like we’ve never seen it before.

As leaders, we’re required to lead our teams, our brands, and our organizations like we’ve never led them before. Managing a crisis is about more than just staying afloat for the next few months — it’s about looking far enough ahead to point your people in a direction while also remaining agile enough to respond to challenges as they come.

So, in this episode, we are sharing the strategies we use to help organizations — not only to ensure there’s a vision for the future but to make sure there is extreme clarity and alignment on what the priorities are right now. Whether you are a leader, an individual contributor, or an entrepreneur, this information still applies to you. Every single one of us needs a vision for where we’re going, clarity on what our priorities are, and the ability to manage our time so that we can get things done.

If you need help with this, head over to the1thing.com/training. If you’re an individual, we recommend the Goal-Setting Master Course. If you are a leader inside an organization and would like to have this rolled out for you, head over to the corporate section to find out more about our virtual training.


In this episode, you will learn…

  • [02:15] How managing this crisis is a blessing in disguise
  • [06:38] How uncertain times uncover vulnerabilities
  • [12:12] Getting on the same page as a team
  • [20:18] Letting go of old business plans and goals
  • [28:04] The importance of supporting your teams
  • [31:11] Getting clear on your goals


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