Functional Design Meets Productivity Master

Dec 26, 2013 | Productivity, The ONE Thing, Time Management | 0 comments

Along the road to your ONE Thing you’ll run into what we call the Productivity Thieves. One such thief is a work environment that doesn’t support your goals.

When it comes to productivity, what surrounds you physically is just as important as the people you surround yourself with. And, you may not even realize how much your environment is hindering your progress. It’s kind of like the old saying, not being able to see the forest for the trees. You’re so used to what your environment is and has been that you overlook how the place you work is negatively affecting your progress.

To give you a whole new perspective on what a highly productive environment looks like, watch this video, which includes some colorful language but offers great insights into how to optimize your workspace.

A Highly Productive Environment at Work

Filmmaker Casey Neistat understands the importance his surroundings play in his overall success. A walk through his studio is a lesson in not only organization, but also creating an environment that limits distractions and issues that can curtail his time management.


As Casey puts it in the above video created for Gizmodo, “the basic premise of this studio is anything I may need ever to make one of my movies I should have within this space.”

With that basic principle of productivity in mind, Casey has arranged the entire space to lend itself to his craft. Everything is purposely designed and done to keep him focused on creating movies. Keeping all the things he needs on hand, where he can easily find them eliminates the need to search for something or go out and get it. Time that would have been wasted running errands can now be put into making movies.

Casey explains it perfectly saying, “every minute that I spend looking for Velcro tape or a drill gun is a minute I’m not doing something productive. So why not build an infrastructure that supports that rather than encourages the chaos.”

Putting careful consideration into what will make his environment the most productive has paid off tenfold. Everything in the environment from cable labeling to tool arrangement is done deliberately to make it as functional and efficient as possible, which it most certainly is.

How does your workspace compare to Casey’s? Do you know anyone personally that has a noteworthy work environment you can tour? Take a walk through your own space and look at it with a discerning eye. Note everything that is a potential distractor or efficiency killer. Now start designing an environment that doesn’t steal your time.

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