Gary’s Favorite Gift for Millennials

Jul 1, 2014 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments


If you know about Gary, you know he’s an avid reader. He even has a bookshelf in his office displaying his favorite business books. And when he finds a book he loves, he not only devours every page of it, but also gifts it in spades.

So what is Gary giving out these days? It’s a book about those formative years of our lives called The Defining Decade.

In it, author Meg Jay dispels the myth that your twenties is the time to be an adult with no responsibilities. She believes the twenties are some of the most foundational years of a person’s life – and that it’s during this time when a person begins to form their adult identity, make lasting connections, really fill out their job résumé, and set the framework for the rest of their lives. Today’s twentysomethings, also called Millennials, are struggling to find the right time to start their lives. They’ve learned the downsides of settling down too early from the baby boomers, and of starting too late from the Generation Xers. And they feel even more pressure from older generations who expect Millennials to fix everything and fill newspapers and magazines with scathing articles about how lazy Millennials are when they are disappointed with the outcome.

Dr. Jay uses the stories of her past patients — like that of Kate, a college grad who was still living with her parents at 26 as she tried to “experience the expansiveness of the twentysomething years,” but instead felt stressed and anxious — to explain how she helped them get their twenties back on track and how her methods can be applied to the lives of other twentysomethings.

Interested but need more convincing? Listen to Meg Jay’s TED talk here for her advice for twentysomethings in this most important decade of their lives.


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