If You Try and Chase Two Rabbits. . .

Oct 29, 2013 | Productivity, The ONE Thing, Time Management | 0 comments

If you try and chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.

Gary chose to open The ONE Thing with this Russian proverb because it perfectly sums up the core idea behind the book. It is a simple concept that people around the globe have acknowledged for centuries, but in our multitasking world it’s a hard one to conceive. Come on, admit it. You’re probably sending a text or IM right now.


For our ancient ancestors, focusing on ONE Thing at a time could mean the difference between having a meal and going hungry. It was a means of survival. Today, it’s a means of success.

The Distractor Factor

If you’re chasing two rabbits you are being pulled in different directions. Right when you’re close to grabbing one furry bunny, the other darts out in front of you and pulls your attention away from the first. Before you know it, the one you were about to catch is gone, and now you’re starting the pursuit all over again.

Focusing on ONE Thing isn’t easy. There are a lot of distractions in life—like  that second rabbit. Most of us have a lot of responsibilities and wear many hats at home and at work.. But there are two things that have to happen if you want to experience success across all boards – goal setting and focus.

Goal setting is the easy part, and we’ve even provided resources to help you get it done. Focus, on the other hand, is a discipline that must be constantly practiced if you’re going to get to your goal.

Watch Out for the Distraction Traps

Life often throws out distraction traps for hunters that are pursuing a goal. You get sick, the busy holiday season rolls around, you take a family vacation. Some distractions are unexpected, while others are inevitable.

So what are goal hunters to do? Create contingency plans for handling the distraction traps. Having a plan in place for how you’ll handle the traps will help you work your way out of them instead of getting sidetracked. What adjustments will you need to make if something unexpected starts eating away at your time? What will you do if you can’t physically handle certain activities? Instead of simply reacting, which often leads you further from your focus, you’ll be in a better position to handle your goal and the distraction at the same time.

But don’t overexert yourself. Keeping focused for long periods of time is something that doesn’t come naturally, and it actually takes a lot of energy and practice to accomplish. If you’re burned out it’s easier to fall into a distraction trap. Plot out time when your ONE Thing is all you focus on, then allow everything else to happen throughout the rest of the day. As long as you protect a segment of time to put focus where you need it most, you’ll reach your goal.

Get Out of the Trap and Back on Track

Distractions happen, that’s part of life. If you do get off track don’t give up. All too often once people find they’ve wandered astray they chock it up as a lost cause and keep wandering around like they did before without focusing on where it is they want to go.

Identify and eliminate the distractions. You can do it you just have to be dedicated to giving your goals the attention they deserve. Find your way back to the success path, keep focused on what’s in front of you and forget about the rabbits that keep running all around.

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