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Sometimes in life, it isn’t reality that holds us back from achieving great things. It’s the lies that we see as truths that get in the way. There are many of these myths that shape our approach to achieving our goals. When it comes down to it, these detrimental lies derail us and delay our success.

The ONE Thing identifies six of the biggest productivity lies, dedicating a chapter to why each one is so destructive and how to change the way we think to improve our chances of realizing big results.

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The Six Lies That Are Holding Back Success

Everything Matters Equally

Anyone who lives by priority understands that some things are just more important than others. However, many people are fooled into believing that everything has equal importance. When we realize that everything does not matter equally, we can debunk the lie that keeps us from prioritizing our tasks and focusing on what matters the most.


As we become increasingly overwhelmed with information, media and to-dos, the habit of multitasking becomes more common. Because we’re working on multiple things at once, we believe we’re being more productive. The truth is, multitasking slows us down and prevents us from fully focusing on anything.

A Disciplined Life

Discipline is not interchangeable with success, yet many of us think that highly disciplined people are the most likely to be successful. The reality is, we need to train ourselves to be selective and focus the discipline we do exhibit in our lives in the right way so that good habits can be created.

Willpower is Always on Will Call

Willpower doesn’t need to be turned on all the time for success to be realized. In actuality, a constant supply of willpower isn’t even possible. Because it ebbs and flows, deciding when to use this limited resource is the key to harnessing the power of willpower.

A Balanced Life

Everyone strives to live a “balanced” life where everything is handled all at once. Unfortunately, that just isn’t doable. Instead, The ONE Thing advocates for counterbalancing the various areas of our lives. This idea is based on putting focus where it is needed the most and letting other things take a backseat – but not for too long.

Big is Bad

When we think small, success is small. If our goals aren’t big enough, they end up holding us back. But when we go bigger, think outside the box and act boldly it virtually guarantees we’ll see success.

This month we are shedding light on the six lies that Gary Keller has discovered on his path to success. Each post will dive deeper into a different lie, explore why it holds us back from success, and reveal the truth that will lead to big results.


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