Learn to Make Better Decisions with Jay Papasan and Billy Murphy

Sep 22, 2016 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments



This month, The One Thing author Jay Papasan will be continuing his free webinar series with special guest Billy Murphy. As a former professional poker player turned business authority, Billy will discuss with Jay how you can minimize risk in your business in a few easy steps.

Every business owner has faced a decision point where they needed to decide if they were in or if they were out. Often times, we perceive these decisions as “betting the farm” or “playing it safe”. But the reality is, most entrepreneurs aren’t risk takers. They’re statisticians.

Jay and Billy will discuss how we can make our decision making smarter through expected value (EV). In a roundabout way, EV is a simple formula used to show the true potential of an investment after weighing the best and worst possible outcomes of a decision. As a poker player, Billy used this equation to his advantage and says it’s what separates amateurs from professionals. By weighing potential outcomes with probability, the best card players and entrepreneurs are not only making good choices, they’re finding safe bets hidden in the most unlikely places.

If you’re interested in making clear-cut decisions, be sure to attend our webinar next Wednesday, September 28th at 4:00 EST. As always, our webinars are FREE for anyone willing to attend, but spots are limited, so be sure to register in advance by following this link.