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Jay and Gary purposefully titled their latest book The ONE Thing, not ONLY ONE Thing. And, they underlined that message at a recent presentation in Phoenix by challenging thousands of attendees to find focus in seven areas of their lives – Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Personal Life, Key Relationships, Job, Business and Finances. What’s the trick? Set goals and build habits in each of your most important areas of life. Let’s get started.

Finding Your ONE Thing in Each of the Seven Buckets   

Spiritual Health: It’s a fact that praying and self-talk have been found to reduce stress. In fact, people who didn’t take some reflection time prior to a stressful situation were found to have significantly higher blood pressure and stress levels than those who did. Gary suggests anchoring the habit of finding that spiritual time to a built-in part of your day – think of teaching children to pray before bedtime.

Physical Health: Physical health is an area most people struggle with, but according to Gary, it’s really pretty simple. There are three things that affect your physical health: 1. Sleep, 2. Food, 3. Exercise. If all of these are a bit out of sorts he suggests making sleep your first domino, as it undermines everything else.

Personal Life: Your personal life is where you work on developing yourself. And, what better way to do that than to get a hobby? Gary said hobbies have massive returns – more than people know – and can be thought of on three levels – diversion, passion and purpose.

Key Relationships: When it comes to the people that matter most to you, “you spell love T-I-M-E,” explained Gary. How? “Simple: 1. Spend time with them, 2. Communicate with them, 3. Know about them and 4. Bring something to the relationship.”

Job: There are three things to look at when you’re deciding what your job focus is. First, be purposeful. People who write their goals down are 39.5% more likely to achieve them. Second, be intentional. People who time block are 91% more likely to complete a project/activity. Third, 91% of people are more likely to get a project done when they time block. Finally, be accurate. People are 77.6% more likely to complete their goal when they hire a coach.

Business: Believe it or not, there are 13 dominoes to knock over when you’re focusing on your business. That being said, the first eight dominoes are all aimed at knocking over No. 9. And, the final four are to retain and build No. 9. Here’s what the domino run looks like: 1. Research your opportunity, 2. Create your value proposition, 3. Define your mission, vision and values, 4. Envision your empire, 5. Build a pro forma/model, 6. Build a business plan, 7. Build an org chart, 8. Identify your 5 key empire builder positions, 9. Make the first key hire, 10. The first 90 days, 11. Run a training and coaching business, 12. Run a research department, 13. Build your company.

Finances: Gary’s key ingredients to focus on your financials are: 1. Know where you stand, 2. Be intentional with your finances. “You need to know where you stand at all times,” he said. “The trick to success is being aware where you are financially.”

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on how to bring focus to several areas of your life – ONE Thing at a time – share your ONE Things. #theONEthing


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