The ONE Thing in Action: Growth is Key to a Successful Business

Jul 11, 2013 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments


While most 13-year-old boys were busy playing video games and sliding home, Jason Hardy was reading … business books. Seventeen years later, the entrepreneur-at-heart and former CEO of successful start-up Nature Blinds says The ONE Thing stands apart.

The ONE Thing is different from most business reads because it doesn’t give you the answer; it asks great questions and facilitates a way for you to arrive at your answer, Jason explains. “It forces you to grow, and if you’re not feeling any pain or stretch, you’re not growing.”

When it comes to business, Jason’s role as founder and CEO of Nature Blinds was painful at best. But, he says The ONE Thing turned that around fast.

Watch part one of our two-part interview to see how two AHAs from Gary’s book impacted the future of Jason’s company and career.