The Rewards of Becoming Someone’s Personal Mentor

Sep 23, 2014 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

If you’ve ever relied on a mentor in your career, education or personal life you know how invaluable a resource they can be. But what’s in it for the mentor?

It turns out the rewards of being a mentor are just as substantial as what the mentee gets out of the deal – possibly even greater. So when an employee, student, colleague or acquaintance taps you for mentoring, consider these benefits when making your decision.


Soul Benefits of Mentoring

Wear the glow of helping others. Life has a way of giving back to those that help others. Call it karma, call it whatever you like, but when you invite positivity into one part of your life it seems to work its way into other areas as well.

Reduce the stress felt in your own life. Volunteering has been shown to reduce stress, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you give a mentee your time and guidance. One study of student nurses also found that peer to peer mentoring was especially beneficial for reducing stress.

Inspire mentees to pass along their knowledge in the future. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve made a positive impression in a person’s life. Don’t be surprised if your mentoring inspires them to pass the knowledge along to their own mentees down the road.

Career Benefits of Mentoring

Get a new perspective of your business or industry. Stepping into the shoes of your mentee can give you a fresh look at your profession from another level or from another angle. Mentees also tend to be younger and could turn you on to new ideas, technology and tools.

Improve your chances for a raise or promotion. Before being acquired by Oracle, Sun Microsystems implemented a mentoring program and tracked 1,000 workers who took part in it for five years. The company found that the mentoring program had a profound impact on both salaries and standing in the company for mentees and mentors. In fact, the mentors benefited the most, with 28% receiving a raise compared to just 5% of non-participating managers. Program mentors were also 6 times more likely to get a promotion.

Strengthen your network. Few people are going to be as loyal or beneficial in your career as a mentee. While helping them to nurture their career a bond often forms that goes beyond career and friendship to a place of true respect. As their network grows so will yours, and any time you need someone you can count on a mentee will be there to return the favor.

Personal Life Benefits of Mentoring

Improve your problem-solving skills. As a mentor you’ll help mentees navigate problems you’ve already encountered and come up with solutions to problems you’ve never faced. Mentoring gives you the ability to come at a problem in a creative, logical way that’s free from emotion or stress.

Boost your self-esteem. Mentoring is a serious self-esteem booster. Sharing your knowledge and knowing that it is of value to your mentees builds confidence and reaffirms that you’ve earned your place within your business or industry.

Spark your interest in getting mentored again. You’re never too established, successful or old to benefit from a mentor. Being on the teaching end is a great way to evaluate what type of mentor you could use at this stage in your life and career.

Need a way to jumpstart your mentorship into a great partnership? Start by sharing The ONE Thing so that you can help your mentee determine what matters most in their life. You’ll be on the way to achieving big success together.


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