Top 10 Productivity Podcasts

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Top 10 Productivity Podcasts

Have a long commute to work? Do you absorb information best by listening? Are you a fan of talk radio? If so, podcasts are a fantastic resource for improving your productivity. Being more productive is high on just about everyone’s wish list, from Fortune 500 CEOs to college students. The allure of getting more done in a day and making each hour more meaningful is attainable when you have the right tools.

In no particular order, here is a rundown of the top 10 productivity podcasts we’re currently listening to.

Beyond the To-Do List

Focus: Variety of Viewpoints

If there’s ONE Thing to love about this podcast, it’s all the perspectives on productivity. Host Erik Fisher is a master of productivity himself, but his podcast is famous for all of the other experts he interviews. It’s an interesting look inside the lives of people that are at the top of their field and how they’ve figured out the practical, small adjustments that maximize productivity.

The 5 AM Miracle

Focus: Starting the Day Productively

Gary Keller is a big proponent of starting your day off right, which is a key component of “The Highly Productive Person’s Daily Energy Plan” that’s discussed in The ONE Thing. There are many other highly successful people that say the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day, and Jeff Sanders is one of them. His podcast “The 5 AM Miracle” is all about making your mornings more productive. It’s a great way to get advice for free from one of the best-known productivity coaches in the world. Get motivated about being more productive before others have even gotten out of bed.

This is Your Life

Focus: Living Intentionally

We’ve discussed the importance of living with intention for maximum productivity in the past, and that’s exactly what Michael Hyatt focuses on in his podcast, “This is Your Life.” The topics are primarily about intentional leadership for entrepreneurs, but the information is delivered in a way that speaks to a much broader audience. Now in its third season, you can tune in every Wednesday morning to catch a new episode.


Focus: The Work Process

A new guest joins Brett Terpstra each episode as he discusses why people work the way they work. The show delves into the processes that we use and how they affect productivity. The element of creativity that goes into all work is also a main topic of discussion on “Systematic.”

The Accidental Creative

Focus: The Creative Angle

Productivity is always a concern for people working in creative fields. How do you keep producing when the creative juices aren’t flowing? Author Todd Henry approaches the topic of balancing creativity with productivity on the podcast “The Accidental Creative.” Episodes are filled with insights from guests that range from artists to tech entrepreneurs.

Upgraded Ape Show

Focus: Mental Performance

The guys behind the “Upgraded Ape Show” are all about improving your brain to improve your work, and their podcast is no different. Emphasis is put on psychology, mindset and mental function with knowledge coming straight from the experts. Even though the topics can be complex, Upgraded Ape knows how to keep the show entertaining and approachable. The topics are always interesting and unique, to say the least.

Get-It-Done Guy

Focus: Eliminate Feeling Overwhelmed

If you feel like you can’t pack another thing into your busy schedule, you’ll be happy to know that Stever Robbins of keeps things short and sweet on his podcast. Each week Robbins provides tips on streamlining your life and getting more done in less time.

Defeat the Drama at Work

Focus: Team Productivity

If you are in a leadership role and concerned with the productivity of your team as a whole, the “Defeat the Drama at Work” podcast can help. Host Kirsten E. Ross discusses steps that managers, supervisors and business owners can take to keep themselves motivated and productive while they inspire their employees to do the same. There’s also a lot of discussion surrounding the issue of correcting problems before they create productivity-depleting drama in the workplace.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Focus: Financial Productivity

In addition to productivity, almost everyone wants to improve their finances. Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, has combined the two in his self-titled podcast. The show has won quite a bit of well-deserved recognition for its creative delivery of extremely useful information. Each episode contains personal insights, answers to listener questions, Tim’s breakdown of how top performers in various fields reached the pinnacle of success and what you can learn from it.

Home Work

Focus: Productivity at Home

For anyone that works from home, there are many productivity distractors that people don’t have to deal with in an office. The hosts of “Home Work”, Dave Caola and Aaron Mahnke, talk exclusively about how freelancers, independent consultants and telecommuters can make their days working from home more productive. They also address listener questions, talk with special guests and share all the latest tools that they’ve tested.

Lend these podcasts your ear and incredible things could happen. Try making it your next good habit! For the next 66 days make listening to one episode a part of your morning routine, and pretty soon you’ll be more productive all day long.

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