Why a Boss is Only as Good as Their Employees

Oct 15, 2015 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

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From time to time everyone dreams of being the boss and getting to call the shots around the office. But it’s a job that isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. From stressful decision making and budgetary worries to feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility for employees, bosses don’t have it easy.

Good bosses know that those same employees they feel a sense of obligation to provide for are the very same people that can make or break the business. In anticipation of Boss’ Day we’re taking a look at the qualities across any industry that make bosses great.


No Man is an Island

Bosses may run the show, but there’s no way they can do it all on their own. One of the most important decisions a boss can make is who they choose to hire. Good bosses know the value of each position and the type of person who can effectively fill each role. They also keep the entire team in mind and look for people that fit the corporate culture that they have built. When bosses do this ONE Thing right it helps make all other tasks much easier.


We All Have Our Strengths and Weaknesses

Good bosses know their own weaknesses and find employees that can make up for what they lack. They check their egos at the door and make the success of the entire company their top priority. And they understand that they need to hire and leverage employees who have abilities that exceed those of their own.


Bosses Need Support From Below

It may seem like your boss is a self-assured guru of the industry, but it’s likely they’re far less confident than you realize. Bosses need the support of their employees. Support from employees provides reassurance and it creates a sense of camaraderie among the team on various levels. Good employees share the boss’s dream of creating a successful business that will make a difference. This shared vision helps to reinforce the boss’s drive and determination.

Group Think is Better Than Handling All Decisions at the Top

The use of Mastermind groups have been shown to be a better decision-making solution than a single person trying to take on a task themselves. Decisions are made quicker and are often better solutions when a group comes to a conclusion together. Good bosses work with employees that they respect and trust on many levels. They value the unique perspectives and ideas of their employees and encourage them to join in on decision-making so all options are on the table.


Your Success is Their Success

Just like parents, teachers and mentors, good bosses want to see their employees succeed. Rather than see it as a threat, they encourage others’ success because it can propel the success of the company further. And when you succeed, a good boss sees it as reassurance that they’re doing a good job of giving you the right direction and tools.


Employee Growth Grows Businesses

Good bosses know the value of giving their employees resources, training and opportunities to grow because it will benefit them as well. As employees learn new skills and apply them to their work, they become a greater asset to a company and bigger contributor to the company’s growth opportunity. This is especially true when bosses are able to hand off some of their own responsibilities to employees so they can focus on growing the business.


Good Employees Share Their Network

When a boss brings on a new hire they aren’t just getting an employee. Good hires are brand ambassadors that spread the word about the business. They constantly promote the business and look for ways to grow revenue even if they don’t work in the sales department. Encouraging this behavior by being the staunchest brand advocate of all is a huge responsibility of bosses.


Good Employees Make Good Bosses Work Even Harder

A good employee can inspire a boss to work harder. In fact, when a good boss sees an employee putting in great effort and excelling at their role, it can make them reevaluate their own work ethic and set higher expectations for themselves.

Recruiting and maintaining talented employees is a top priority for good bosses. These are the people that make life easier on the boss by handling the day-to-day tasks and so they can focus on their ONE Thing – improving the business. When a boss surrounds themself with good employees their own chances of success are much greater.


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