Your Most Productive Snow Day Yet

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When the needle dips below thirty two degrees and precipitation is at 80%, it’s likely a productive day at the office is not in the cards come 6am. But, before you jump between sighing with relief at a little down time and panting in distress at a missed day of work, check out our fool-proof way to have your most productive snow day yet.

productive snow day

The kids are at home, you haven’t experienced fresh air in a week, you’ve had just 20 pages to go in that book on your nightstand for months and you’re presenting to the CEO tomorrow – regardless of your priority, take our heed and be present in your snow day!

You as an Active Parent
Spend the day catching up with your kids. Nights and weekends are often filled with soccer, dance, friends and homework. Take advantage of everyone unexpectedly being home, and invest in some quality time with your kids. Better yet, kill two birds with one stone: Pile on the layers and head outside on an active outdoor winter adventure. Build an igloo, go sledding, try ice fishing or shovel out the house. Whatever journey awaits you, be sure to end the day with some hot chocolate and snow ice-cream!

You as a Personal Pioneer
Working hard can leave us drained and keep us from spending time on the things we love. Take the day to return to your favorite pastime. It’s actually proven that having hobbies is a great way to reduce stress, and can lead to a healthier and more productive you.
Don’t have a hobby? Try something new – and on the cheap. Have an appreciation of the written word. Take a few minutes to start a journal. You’ll be amazed how quickly time passes and what you can track. Or, if you’re up to it, take your shower voice out in public. Have some fun singing karaoke or learn how to sing two notes at once. And once night falls, you’re introduction to star gazing begins. Bundle up, grab a blanket and head out to the highest snow peak. The night’s sky is much clearer after a heavy snow.

Whatever your interests are, plenty of novelists, poets, painters, photographers, and musicians have found inspiration in the beauty of winter, and so can you. Spend the day dusting off your old skills or building new ones.

You as a Thought Leader
Sometimes the best way to re-energize is to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world and reflect. Have you found it difficult to find time to collect your thoughts on your latest marketing strategy or business plan? Are you looking for more ways to expand your reach? If so, use the peace and quiet of your day off to do a little brainstorming.

Go ahead, no one’s looking, turn off your cell-phone, unplug your computer and cut yourself off from all distractions. Having trouble getting your brain started? Here are a few things that might help:
• Get caffeinated.
• Eat a healthy meal.
• Do a puzzle or a brain teaser.
• Read a book to spark the creative process.

Any way you play the snow day, just be sure to be present in your decision. You may be surprised how focusing on some areas that typically don’t get that time on your calendar will make your return to the day-to-day that much better.

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