Bringing Book Clubs and Businesses Together

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When a book sparks conversation and thought across both business and personal lives, it’s only natural that it gets requested as a discussion topic on a meeting agenda. For the Santa Cruz chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors, The ONE Thing was just that book. With The ONE Thing at its side as the inaugural publication, this business network launched a mastermind book club series designed to “advance women in leadership” by bringing together a group of like-minded individuals to share, collaborate and enhance each other’s life experiences.

Book clubs can appeal to members on a personal level because they allow the members to connect and share ideas that they normally would not have the opportunity to. Professional book clubs help build camaraderie and provide opportunities for members to get practice in key leadership duties like leading group discussions and keeping conversations on track.

Not only that, but book clubs can be a great way to increase membership and participation in a group. That’s exactly what happened with the Women’s Council of Realtors Santa Cruz. They’ve seen great growth since forming their own book club. They introduced the concept of the book club and the first book assignment at a prior meeting. Doing so piqued the interest of their members and gave them a great follow-up audience for the actual book club itself. They credit the book club with sparking added interest and involvement in their network, as they’ve since added even more new members to their ranks!

Women’s Council of Realtors Santa Cruz

The Women’s Council of Realtors Santa Cruz used The ONE Thing book club as a springboard to ask its members to look within themselves and determine what each of them can do to impact their personal lives, families, businesses, non-profits, places of worship and community. And as the network’s leadership told us, their hopes were that reading this book would be the ONE Thing their members needed to “wind up with everything they ever wanted.”  It was a huge success!

Interested in using The ONE Thing to create a thought-provoking book club in your business but unsure where to start? Order the book, download our book club guide and start talking!

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