Find Your ONE Thing for Physical Health (Part 1 of 2)

Feb 11, 2014 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

This month we’re focusing on finding a mentor for our physical health bucket. But, before you can find the right mentor in anything; you must first pinpoint your goals in that area. And just jotting down some wellness initiatives you’d like to make habits this year won’t make the cut. So how do you hone in on your ONE Thing for physical health? Get inspired, and then get specific.


Let Others Be Your Motivation for a Health Mentor

Even the thought of giving extra focus to a specific area of your life can be overwhelming. Yet, every year we make a New Year’s Resolution around a health goal, which only 8% of us actually achieve. So, if you’re starting to slack and have lost incentive, find inspiration in others.

Scott Agnew reached out to tell us his story of focusing in on his Physical Health bucket via The ONE Thing. We wanted to share his struggles and triumphs with you for that extra inspiration in the health department. Check out his sit down with author Jay Papasan.

Five Steps to Find Your Physical Health Target

And, welcome back enthusiasm! While it’s great to have the engines revved again about a new area of attention, excitement will get you nowhere without a clear action plan. Let’s get specific about how you’re going to reach your goals, build your new health habits and find your physical health mentor in the process.

Step #1 – Use My Long-Term Goals worksheet to identify the big goals you want to accomplish down the road. Start with your someday goals and work your way backward focusing on the goals that will get you there. Use the focusing question to identify what goals you need to hit in five years to meet you big goals. Then change up the focusing question to hone in on the goals you need to meet over the next year.

Step #2 – Use My GPS worksheet to flesh out your one-year health goal. Identify three priorities that will help you meet your goal. Once you have those, list five strategies to accomplish each priority.

Step #3 – Use the My 411 worksheet to break your yearly goal down to monthly and weekly activities that will keep you on track. Update this document each week as you make progress towards your ONE Thing.

Step #4 – Start building good habits that will help you make your ONE Thing a reality. All it takes is 66 days to create a good habit! The 66-Day Challenge Calendar can be used to help you prioritize your schedule so that your ONE Thing is the main focus.

Step #5 – Incorporate the My ONE Thing Goal Tracker to get your new habit well underway. The Goal Tracker can be accessed by computer, phone or tablet to create and track your goals and habits for all the different areas of your life – including physical fitness. This tool gives you the ability to set reminders and add a mentor to your accountability team.

Until next time, get motivated and get moving – and tune in for part 2 for more great tips on where to find your perfect mentor!

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