Let the Games Begin: An Olympic Nod to Physical Health around the World

Feb 7, 2014 | The ONE Thing | 0 comments

When it comes to physical health, the world is an open gym – no membership required! So as the winter games kick off this weekend, here’s an international nod to finding ways to get physical all year round – including tips to find a mentor in each.


Canada – Hockey

You’ve got to be mentally and physically tough to hang with many of Canada’s hockey players. Ice hockey is the sport of choice for the majority of Canadians, and one that the country is sure to be watching during this year’s Winter Olympics.

How to Find a Mentor: Choose a mentor that is just as focused on improving your mental resolve as they are your physical capabilities. Many times this will help you push through when you think you can’t keep going.

Buenos Aires – Tango Dancing

Dancing with the Stars may have peaked our interest in hitting the tapping our toes in America, but in Buenos Aires tango dancing has long been a favorite physical pastime.  For more than 150 years people all across Argentina have preferred to partner up and tango instead of standing around being wallflowers.

How to Find a Mentor: Don’t let age be a factor in who becomes your mentor. There are plenty of physical activities that someone over 65 years old can help you master.

Minnesota – Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing

When it’s freezing outside you can still easily work up a sweat during a cross country ski or snowshoeing expedition. In Minnesota the native folk keep active even in the winter by strapping on the right kind of foot gear and heading outdoors.

How to Find a Mentor: Clear communication is key when you’re out in the harsh elements. It’s also a trait of good mentors. The mentor you choose should be skilled at relaying information and giving you feedback when you need it.

Hawaii – Windsurfing 

The surf may be up in Hawaii, but another one of its world-class sports is windsurfing. It’s a total body workout that requires as much balance as it does core strength and quick maneuvering.

How to Find a Mentor: Find someone that can help you face your fears and be open to new experiences. An activity like windsurfing can come with high speeds out on the open water – two things that can cause hesitation. A mentor that can help you push past fear and show you how to embrace new approaches to physical health could help you discover rewarding activities you never would have tried on your own.

China – Table Tennis

Think you can’t get a workout by playing table tennis? Think again. In China, table tennis is the number one sport, and they prove it at the Summer Olympics. It’s a great activity for testing your reflexes as well as hand-eye coordination while you’re shuffling back and forth on your feet.

How to Find a Mentor: Use associations to find mentors that are active in a sport you enjoy. Table tennis is a perfect example of how organizations that support a sport are great starting points for getting involved. They may even be able to pair you up with that special guide.

Florida Keys – Diving

The clear blue water of the Florida Keys is hard to resist. Residents and vacationers alike pull on their gear and dive in year round to get a workout underwater. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a lot of floating. Just toting around the heavy tanks and equipment is a workout in and of itself.

How to Find a Mentor: Some activities, like diving, require a physical fitness mentor that’s certified. One of the first things to check is their credentials.

Physical health doesn’t have to mean laboring away doing rep after rep on an exercise machine. There are plenty of activities that get you moving and improve your health while providing serious fun! Get inspired by the winter games and include an international physical health goal in your next vacation planning, or share your worldly moves with us here!

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